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We now have the debut Bad Sav LP and CD in stock. Featuring members of Death and the Maiden and The Shifting Sands, it features that unique sonic alchemy we associate with the city of Dunedin. More details here.

Here's a second animatic video made for us by Mr Brad Yarhouse for Where does the Sadness come from? from the Granite Shore's Suspended Second. The album is out on Occultation and Fishrider on 13/10/17 and the double LP edition is available only from the two labels. You can read the Quietus review of the album here.

Above is a video made for us by Mr Brad Yarhouse for the first track to be previewed from the forthcoming Granite Shore LP, Suspended Second. The album is due for release on Occultation and Fishrider in the autumn and there'll be a very special double LP edition, available only from the two labels. More details of that will follow. The album features Mr Nick Halliwell, Mr Phil Wilson, Mr Arash Torabi, Mr Ian Henderson, Dr Steve Perrin and Mr John Howard. Preorders have just gone live.


We've now got a limited quantity (just over 50 remaining) of the recent US LP Three Wishes, featuring live performances by The June Brides, 14 Iced Bears and Aberdeen. Details can be found here.

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We're about to announce preordering for three new Occultation/Fishrider releases.

√Član Vital's Shadow Self will be popular with those of you who enjoyed Death and the Maiden's LP a couple of years back, the two bands share a member and dark synth-based textures. Initial copies include a free CD and poster.

The Distractions' Kindly Leave The Stage is the band's third and final album. There's also an exclusive deluxe edition with: Kindly 180g LP and CD, limited edition (250) Go Dark 10" 6-track mini-LP including lost Distractions classic Nothing lasts, 10" insert with sleevenotes by Steve Perrin, poster and postcard.

Finally, we are very proud to offer the first vinyl edition of the Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus's Mirror. Originally released on CD only in 1991, originals now fetch large sums online. This first LP version is on 180g vinyl and initial copies purchased from us include a properly packaged CD, poster and set of postcards. N.B. these extras are very limited. The band's last LP, Beauty Will Save The World, sold out quickly, we've only a few CDs left; we expect Mirror to go fast too.

Ordering info will be sent to our mailing list very soon and then posted on this website.


The new album by John Howard, Across The Door Sill, is due to arrive in October 2016. It'll be available on vinyl, CD and as a download. Physical copies ordered directly from us will come with an exclusive lyric insert and postcard.

More details and ordering information appear on the Across The Door Sill page. Official retail release is scheduled for 18th November but we should have copies available here within the next couple of weeks.

Our first releases of 2016 are both from Dunedin's The Prophet Hens. First and foremost there's their second LP, The Wonderful Shapes of Back Door Keys available on vinyl and CD, but at the same time there's a very limited vinyl edition (we have approx. 40 left now) of their debut, Popular People Do Popular People, originally released on CD-only in 2013. There's also a special package price allowing you to buy both together (on vinyl or CD). More news to follow.

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We'd also like to remind you of our 2015 releases (yes, no fewer than six albums out on Occultation last year), Death and the Maiden's eponymous debut, The Granite Shore's acclaimed Once More From The Top, The Everlasting Yeah's Anima Rising and the Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus's Beauty Will Save The World (sold-out on vinyl and nearly all gone on CD) and The Gift of Tears vinyl reissue (sold-out).

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