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Factory Star Enter Castle Perilous.

Music nowadays moves at a glacial pace, often three or four years to make an album, and it shows. Enter Castle Perilous was recorded in three days in January 2011 then mixed the following weekend. Less time than many bands spend getting a snare sound.


Factory Star was formed in December 2008 by Martin Bramah, founder member of both that English institution The Fall and then the Blue Orchids with whom he recorded the astonishing The Greatest Hit (Money Mountain) LP for Rough Trade. “I wanted to make a fresh start.” explains Martin “You know, dump the old baggage and put my best foot forward”. The band have been gigging regularly for over two years, also recording radio sessions for Marc Riley (BBC6 Music) and Bob Osborne (Salford City Radio), and in this time Bramah has honed an intense live sound.


Enter Castle Perilous is a raw, urgent record. Producer Nick Halliwell (The Granite Shore) knew it was crucial to capture this live intensity, ensuring that nothing got in the way of the album’s articulacy, so the band were allowed to lash out with Bramah delivering the words live whilst thrashing away at his guitar, most songs featuring a single overdub - if that. The resulting album speaks volumes.

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