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Below is a gallery showing pictures from John's career, with captions from John himself

John Howard album sleeve gallery

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I was 'Jon Howard' from 1970 to 1973, taking the JON from my surname of Jones and putting that in front of my christian name of Howard. In October 1970, I supported Spirogyra (B&C Records) at the Octagon Theatre in Bolton, and this pic was taken by the band's then manager Max Hole. Max ironically went on to sign Howard Jones to Warners in 1983, and then became 'one of the most powerful men in the music business', according to Wikipedia. I became 'John' when I signed to my manager in September '73, who assumed my name was spelt that way, I didn't argue and 'John Howard' was born


DenmarkSt AfghansHydePark1 TonyMeehanPeterBownJHAbbeyRd

August 1974 at my manager's Denmark Street office, just after the photo session which yielded the shot that RPM used in 2004 for their sleeve of Technicolour Biography, but was intended originally for the Kid sleeve (CBS turned the photos down as 'too decadent')

Photo session for Kid August 1974, lovely Afghans hired for the day, Sara and Carn, this was the shot Uncut chose for their rave review of the re-released Kid in feb 2004

The tape op at Abbey Road wanted to take some photos of me during the Kid sessions, and was allowed this one. I wish he'd been allowed to take more. This was taken during one of the mixing sessions, so would've been around June '74.

LesAmbassadeursParkLaneKIABWSessions kidtrannie2b LesAmbassadeursStaircase

August 1974 at Les Ambassadeurs, Park Lane, during first photo session for Kid In A Big World, CBS rejected the whole lot of photos taken, calling them 'disgusting and decadent'

September 1974, a rare outtake from the Kid In A Big World sleeve session

The original title of Kid In A Big World was Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, until CBS decided people may confuse that title with the movie, and this shot in August 1974 at Les Ambassadeurs was taken with the original album title in mind


PurcellRoom PurcellRoomBillboard AfterDark

Performing at The Purcell Room in February 1975, at the launch concert for Kid In A Big World

The 6 ft x 6 ft B & W carded photo CBS displayed in the doorway to The Purcell Room, to 'welcome' the audience in. I was more concerned about how huge my bitten nails were as I recall!

Photo for a JH feature in After Dark, an American lifestyle magazine, Spring 1975. The feature appeared I believe, but I never saw it


CBSPhotoshootforCalMylarsingle shotfortheunreleasedCBSalbumTheStrangeCaseofCalMylarcopy JH

March 1980 photo shoot for the Cal Mylar lead-off single 'I Tune Into You' (styled by Tom Watkins who went on to manage Pet Shop Boys and Bros)

May 1980 shot for the unreleased, uncompleted CBS album The Strange Case of Cal Mylar (2 singles only released)

1990, I'd just 'crashed' the auditions for the Buddy Holly West End Musical, Buddy, on a whim, and had a great response from the director (I sang Buddy's Raining In My Heart), so had some new photos taken just in case...didn't get it of course, can't act my way out of a paper bag, but it was fun to try

21st century

GlamouramaClub with1980PortraitbyPaulBrason SJQ

In September 2005 I appeared in Glam-ou-rama Club's Night of A Thousand Ziggys, as their special guest artist, this shot was taken after the show in the VIP area, great fun evening, Ziggy lookalikes everywhere, treating me like a returned Spider From Mars all night

In November 2013 I appeared at The Servant Jazz Quarters with Robert Rotifer, Ian Button and Andy Lewis, my first London gig since 2005, and this was the gig which got us talking about doing an album together, spawning JH & The Night Mail in effect

In 1980 a portrait of me done by Paul Brason (now President of the Portrait Painters Association of Great Britain) was hung in the National Portrait Gallery for three months, featured on News at Ten who did a piece on the NPG's first night of their portrait painters competition. As a result, Paul received numerous commissions form the likes of Margaret Thatcher, Roy Strong and The Duke of Westminster and many others. I bought it off him in the early 80s and it has hung in every flat and house I've lived in since