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Please read the note on the SoY landing page.

Each LP has its own outer sleeve (Songs also has a printed inner). For the 2LP version, both are placed in a laminated wraparound sleeve, with an insert and poster, inside a protective polybag. This is a small run and expensive to produce. The 2CD comes in a laminated slip-case with an insert.We've built savings on postage into the prices below as you'll only be charged shipping on one item. For overseas orders we'd strongly advise adding tracking to your order (e-mail us to do this, cost is £5) as we'll be unable to issue replacements or refunds for non-tracked packages that fail to arrive or get damaged. We're operating on the edge of a financial abyss, as we'd spent a lot on this before the pandemic.

Given that many overseas sales may now, due to the idiocy of Brexit, attract sales taxes of some kind, we've decided to reduce the basic price of this and other items. Obviously this means less money for us, the label, and the band, but having discussed it together, we've jointly decided we'd rather more people were able to hear and own the records.

There's also an option to order a copy of our 2017 edition of Mirror on vinyl along with the new records at a reduced price with a further saving on postage. Alternatively you can add other items by visiting our Shop before checking out.

Songs of Yearning and Nocturnes


Songs of Yearning + Nocturnes on vinyl and CD, as described above..

Price: £53+P&P. Postage charged for one item only. Free download.

Songs of Yearning, Nocturnes and Mirror


Songs of Yearning + Nocturnes on vinyl and CD. As described above + Mirror on vinyl and CD.

Price: £66+P&P. Postage charged for one item only. Free download