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The June Brides, Aberdeen and 14 Iced Bears played together at the regular "Part Time Punks" (PTP) night at the Echo in Los Angeles on 5th June 2011. Before the concert, all three bands recorded live sessions which were intended to be broadcast on the PTP radio show. The recordings were made at the studio built by the Brian Jonestown Massacre, located in Hollywood (where the corner shop sold $3000 bottles of Cristal). The June Brides recorded their session in the afternoon of 5th June and went straight on to play the concert. It was quite a day.

The sessions were never actually broadcast, for some reason, and these unreleased, top-quality, studio recordings had been languishing for years before this project to put them out actually came to fruition. Only 100 copies of the LP are being imported into the UK, so you really should take the opportunity to grab one at a reasonable price while you can.

Phil Wilson, The June Brides, June 2017

- Recorded live in 2011 at The Committee To Keep Music Evil, Hollywood, after performances at Part Time Punks, at The Echo, Los Angeles, CA by Rob Campanella (Brian Jonestown Massacre, Steve Jones), John Girgus (Aberdeen, Trembling Blue Stars), mixed Ulyesses Noriega (The Wedding Present, Channel 3).

- 12 unreleased performances, 4 from each band featuring classic tracks originally released for Cherry Red, Pink, Frank, Slumberland, Sarah Records and more.

- Hi-fi, multi-track studio quality recordings, mastered for vinyl.

- 150 gram heavy vinyl, with metallic printed jacket, in collector grade poly-bag.


The album was released in the US recently but the cost, especially in the poor benighted UK, has been prohibitive due to the pound being worth sod-all. As we know there are a lot of people outside North America who'd like to own this album, but can't afford to buy it directly from the US, Occultation Recordings will be importing a limited number (100) of these LPs - provided we can get enough preorders to cover the cost of both the LPs themselves and shipping them to the UK.

You can preorder now for £16+P&P. We'll be using the money to get copies shipped from the US, so it'll be a few weeks before we can post them out to you. You will, however, receive a link to download 320k MP3s as soon as your order goes through. Once the 100 LPs have gone that'll be it, we won't be able to import any more.

You can preorder by clicking the "Buy Now" button above or here.

N.B. We'd advise those of you in North America to buy the album locally, details here. Our import project is primarily aimed at people in the UK and Europe, for whom buying copies directly from the US would be very expensive. We're also hoping to make a little bit of money to support both band and the two labels involved - times are tough...